These labels are made with double colour Scratchable coatings and with security cuts, Once applied over any printed matter, the matter can not be read and can be seen only by scratching the label with nail or coin. Can be used on Phone cards etc. These can be supplied as plain or with Holographic image. These are of three types:-

A. Non Holographic Scratchable labels are commonly used scratch labels in use presently.

B. Holographic Scratchable labels. In these, a scratchable hologram image is visible from the top and part of the hologram has to be scratched off to see the underlying message.

C. HRI Holo scratch labels. The film used in these is High Reflective Index Transparent Hologram film which is then coated with the scratchable layers,therefore one sees the underlying message through the holographic image after scratching the top layers.

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